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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Hot Summer’s Day Dani Dog

by Daniella Nicole

I eat healthy most of the time, but every now and then, I just want something different. It might be a bacon mushroom Swiss burger at a fast food joint, or something I create in my own kitchen (dark chocolate brownies-mmmmmm).

Over the weekend, the nice weather caused me to think about grilling and hot dogs, so guess what I indulged in? Of course, I couldn’t just make any old dog on any old bun. I was really happy with my results-so much so that I just made another one for lunch today! It’s really quick and easy to throw together and you can get way more creative than I did, too.

I cook only for myself a lot these days, so this recipe is for one person. You can easily multiply it out to suit your own needs.

1 sourdough sub roll
Butter (I prefer real butter, but use whatever you like)
1-2 hot dogs (If you use skinny dogs like Hebrew National or Oscar Mayer, you will need two per roll. If you use plump dogs like Nathan’s you only need one per roll)
Cheese (use whatever you have or prefer)
Other condiments (I like ketchup and relish-sometimes chili and onions, too)

Cut open your sub roll (if not pre-cut) and smear a little (LITTLE) butter on the inside of each half. I cut mine all the way open so I can stack them like sandwich bread later.

Place in oven or toaster oven to toast to your desired level of brownness (I like mine golden with some dark brown around the edges). You can also brown these on the grill, if you prefer.

Meanwhile, start grilling your hot dogs. You can use a Foreman grill, outdoors grill or even a non-stick fry pan (no oil or butter needed).

The bread will toast before the hot dogs are done. You want this to happen so you can place the cheese on one half of the sub roll and close it up with the other half so the cheese will melt.

Once the hot dogs are done, open up the sub roll and place the hot dog(s) on the cheese. If you used skinny dogs, you will need two per roll. If you used plump dogs, you can use one as is, or slice it open to help the whole thing lay a little more flat.

Then top with your favorite condiments and close the roll or place the other half on top.


Note: just one of these is really filling, so you probably won’t want much other food on the side. This does go well with watermelon, salad or homemade chips, though. Two light eaters could probably split one of these and have a small side dish with it, and be happy.

Note, Part 2: I was hungry and didn't think about taking a picture before gobbling it all up! lol. Next time I make one I will take a picture and upload it here. Sorry!

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