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Monday, April 7, 2008

France Sings for the USA - Pangea Day Project - May 10, 2008

May 10th has been declared Pangea Day, and the project for this day is to unite the world through film. On YouTube, many tributes are popping up featuring one nation singing the national anthem of another nation.

Thus far, there are clips with:
Kenya singing for India
Japan singing for Turkey
Australia singing for Lebanon
and France singing for the USA (Full-Length version)

There is a shorter version of the French singing video which is just most of the first verse of the anthem. The full-length version features clips of the singers learning the first two verses as well as singing it, which is more than most Americans know. Not only did these French singers learn the first two verses of our anthem, but they learned it in another language - English.

I wept as I watched the video of the French singing to the USA. It is powerful, beautiful, and moving. I have posted the short version here, but recommend that you watch the full-length version, too.

France Sings for the USA

For more information:

Pangea Day Project Page on YouTube
Pangea Day Website
Star-Spangled Banner Lyrics and Info

It will be interesting to see how this turns out, and how much of an impact this effort will have upon the world.

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