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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11 – Why its Important

Image from FEMA - Public Doman. Wikimedia Commons.

I will never forget the events of 9/11 – nor where I was and how I felt that day and in all the days that followed. Few things have caused me to cry so long and so hard as I did then.

Today, I have been reflecting and remembering. For me, its about so much more than us being attacked. Please understand – us being attacked is horrible and I in no way mean to minimize it. It IS a big deal that we were attacked.

There are also other aspects of what happened that should be considered.

In the months leading up to the attack, we were being attacked around the world. Do you remember the U.S.S. Cole incident? There were others, too. Americans were being targeted. Since 9/11 things have changed a great deal and the terrorists and the war they launched against us were taken off our soil.

When the World Trade Center towers were hit, it was not just Americans who died. In the towers and on the planes were people from many other countries, too. The World Trade Center was just that – a place of business for people all around the world. When the towers were chosen as targets, war was declared on the world.

News reports that day and in the days following as officials struggled to find out who was behind the attacks showed people in some countries in mourning – sending prayers for those they lost and for us, or just shedding tears and sending prayers for the losses we experienced, guiltily feeling grateful that their country did not experience losses, too.

Other clips showed people in other countries taking to the streets, celebrating and cheering. It wasn’t just the ‘radical Muslim al-Qaeda members’ who wanted us dead. There are other groups, people and countries around the world who share the sentiment.

We need to remember this – not to stir up anger and hate, but so that we can be aware and prepared. If we know who ‘the enemy’ is it’s a lot easier to know how to protect ourselves and defeat them in their efforts against us.

The people who died that day and in the days following due to the attacks are numerous. The pain still felt to this day by those left behind is immeasurable. We cannot change what happened, but we can stand strong and show those who wish us harm that they have failed. We can honor the memories of those we lost best by making their death more than a senseless tragedy. Let us use it to be better, kinder, more united and stronger.

Let us honor them by rebuilding the towers – bigger, better and stronger.
Let us honor them by remembering the days following 9/11 and reclaiming those feelings of love, kindness, compassion and togetherness we had. We are Americans, first and foremost. United we stand – divided we fall.
Let us never forget this day; using every anniversary as a renewal to our commitment to be united and to never let ‘our enemies’ (foreign or domestic) destroy us.

Let us keep the focus on the day as it should be and not allow the impact of 9/11 be minimized by calling it “A day of service”. We already are highly charitable and service-minded as a people. A day of service can be proclaimed any day – do not dishonor those who died or give a win to those who attacked by repackaging this day and ignoring the history of this country.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Let us not condemn ourselves by forgetting, whitewashing or repackaging this day and the important lessons we have learned. Those lessons and how we became united, strengthened and inspired is why remembering this day is important.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Try Again, Mister President, Try Again

Not only did President Barack Obama use his time at the AFL-CIO to push his healthcare agenda on Labor Day, rather than celebrate the day/event, but he stood in front of the massive crowd (10,000 tickets were distributed for this) and told bold-faced lies. Get the full video and text HERE.
"But I've got a question for them: What's your answer? What's your solution? The truth is, they don't have one. It's do nothing."
The Republicans and some Democrats have been presenting other ideas for the healthcare bill. Additionally, “We, the People” have been voicing our concerns with solutions and answers in person at town hall meetings and at the offices of our elected officials; in protests; and in letters, email and faxes. That, Mister President, is ‘the truth’. Solutions and answers are being presented, you just aren’t listening. The truth is not that no one else has an answer, its that you are not interested in hearing any alternatives. Its your way or no way.

Apparently, we need to remind you, Mister President, that this is the United States of America and you are the elected leader of a constitutional republic. You are not the king, emperor or dictator. It is not a position that allows or entitles you to rule the country by whatever whims you decree.
“I want a health insurance system that works as well for the American people as it does for the insurance industry. They should be free to make a profit. But they also have to be fair. They also have to be accountable."
Your plan does not accomplish this, but suggested changes from others do. If you have read your own bill and know what is says, you know this. If you have not read the bill, you have no business pushing it.
“That's the lesson of this day-that some things are always worth fighting for. Equal pay. Fair wages. Dignity in the workplace. Justice on the job. An economy that works for everyone, because in America there are no second-class citizens. An economy where you can make a living and care for your families. Where you leave your kids something better.

Where we live up to our fundamental ideals-those words put on paper some 200 years ago. That we are all created equal; that we all deserve a chance to pursue our happiness and achieve our goals.
That is the calling to which we are summoned this Labor Day. That is the cause of my presidency. And that is the commitment we must fulfill to preserve the American Dream for all of America's working families.”
That would mean upholding the Constitution and supporting capitalism in this country – two things you have spoken against. A capitalist system works for everyone in that everyone who works can benefit. Those who only want a hand-out do not. If your idea of the American dream is a system that rewards laziness, punishes ambition and hard work, and collapses the entire economic system with entitlements, your idea is flawed in addition to not being in line with the Constitution.

Right now, you are ensuring that what we are leaving our children is not ‘something better’ but debt that even their children cannot pay off. Try again, Mister President. Try again.

Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Easy Steps to Government-Subsidized Healthcare I Strongly Support

Did you hear about this? On Facebook, Myspace? Obama’s got your e-mail

My initial reaction was outrage for the American Public – IF this is true. Then, a light bulb clicked on in my head. I checked my cookies and sure enough, there were two government cookies on my computer – one from the Department of Education site. I had gone there to review the lesson plans being given to teachers and administrators for the upcoming presidential address to schoolchildren (Sept 8th).

I am a single working mother. I am also living in a capitalistic society and am a total opportunist when it comes to effective legit ways to get some more revenue flow into the family coffers.

Since I am an outspoken conservative American who publicly posts disagreements with the government and the POTUS, I am likely already on some list. If they were into tracking people, well, heck, I could be one of them.

If that tracking is turning into clicks on my websites and blogs, well, baby, I am about to get free healthcare forever!

First: totally monetize, to the hilt, all my blogs and websites. Create more, if need be.
Second: make sure to post stuff with certain keywords to really get their attention
Third: throw in some stuff just to entertain them so they will sneak back for a good laugh
Fourth: subscribe to all their email lists and visit all their sites every day
Fifth: make sure to visit the NRA site (I am a member, by the way, Mr Spy), and other harmless but likely ‘flagged’ sites.
Sixth: watch the dough roll in from all their clicking
Seventh: have all my family’s medical costs covered by the income I am generating from their paranoid spying

This is one government-subsidized healthcare plan I can totally get behind, baby! ;-p

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liberals are Not the Devil and Conservatives are Not the Enemy

Though we may have different views about how to do certain things and we may have different views about certain issues, there are some things that most liberals and conservatives have in common:

We recognize there are problems with our government and want to see them fixed
We love our country
We want to see those less fortunate than ourselves helped
We care about international matters and want to help
We want all Americans to have the opportunity to be successful!
We want our children to be well-educated
We want all Americans to be able to afford/receive quality healthcare
It hurts us to be the target of hate, name-calling and character assassinations
We are tired of spin, agendas, lies and hate
We want to be judged by our character – not our religion (or lack thereof), sexual preference, gender, age, politics, race, etc.

If we can focus on our similarities and not let the hate-mongers drive us apart, we can accomplish a lot together. We don’t have to see eye-to-eye or agree on everything in order to solve problems, engage in civil dialogue or help others. Our differences are what make us unique and interesting. Learning to have great working relationships with those with whom we differ is just part of life.

Its time to ‘get over’ our differences and start MAKING a difference - together.

Being a Hot-Blooded Greek Pays Off!

I was in the hospital with my son and the surgeon was commenting on how my son’s blood pressure was high. Not only does it shoot up when he goes to the doctor, but the prospect of impending surgery could not have been helping it any!

The doctor and I were discussing the things that can cause elevated blood pressure and he noted that genetics and ethnicity can play a role in it. I told him we were of Mediterranean descent, but I had never heard of high blood pressure being one of the things linked with that. I asked him if our Greek heritage was a factor. A second surgeon had walked in as we were having the conversation, and quickly chimed in with something to the effect that Greeks are not known for keeping things in – their passionate, expressive nature probably does wonders for managing stress . . .and blood pressure.

I had to laugh. Then I laughed harder.

Now no one can ever tell me that my feisty, outspoken, passionate nature is a negative – it keeps my blood pressure low! Lol

This is a neener-neener to my son, as well. He harasses and teases me all the time about this quality of mine. HA! Looks like he will need to be more like dear old mom from now on! ;-p

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Line between Ugly Truth and Mean-Spiritedness

by Daniella Nicole

Those who cherish truth understand that it is not always pretty. As humans, we are prone to do things that are not kind, compassionate or honest, at times. When others refer to these things, they are speaking the truth about us – as ugly as it may be. Part of being an honest person entails taking responsibility for those ugly truths that apply to who we are, past or present.

However, there is a distinct difference between an ugly truth and downright mean-spiritedness. Truth is based in fact. Mean-spiritedness can contain elements of truth in it, but it is always accompanied by something more. There is always a seed of contentiousness mixed in. When labeling, name-calling, humiliation, hate, jealousy, pettiness, hostility or any other type of negativity are present, the line has been crossed from presenting an ugly truth to displaying sheer mean-spiritedness.

There can be great purpose behind presenting ugly truths. There is none, other than being ugly, in being mean-spirited. Ugly truths say something about the person to whom they refer. Mean-spiritedness only speaks about the person being so. If you truly feel it is relevant to share an ugly truth about someone, the focus should logically be on truth and fact – not opinion, not spin and not humiliation. If you find yourself launching into character assassination, perhaps the character you should be reviewing is your own.
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