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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Being a Hot-Blooded Greek Pays Off!

I was in the hospital with my son and the surgeon was commenting on how my son’s blood pressure was high. Not only does it shoot up when he goes to the doctor, but the prospect of impending surgery could not have been helping it any!

The doctor and I were discussing the things that can cause elevated blood pressure and he noted that genetics and ethnicity can play a role in it. I told him we were of Mediterranean descent, but I had never heard of high blood pressure being one of the things linked with that. I asked him if our Greek heritage was a factor. A second surgeon had walked in as we were having the conversation, and quickly chimed in with something to the effect that Greeks are not known for keeping things in – their passionate, expressive nature probably does wonders for managing stress . . .and blood pressure.

I had to laugh. Then I laughed harder.

Now no one can ever tell me that my feisty, outspoken, passionate nature is a negative – it keeps my blood pressure low! Lol

This is a neener-neener to my son, as well. He harasses and teases me all the time about this quality of mine. HA! Looks like he will need to be more like dear old mom from now on! ;-p

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