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Friday, September 4, 2009

7 Easy Steps to Government-Subsidized Healthcare I Strongly Support

Did you hear about this? On Facebook, Myspace? Obama’s got your e-mail

My initial reaction was outrage for the American Public – IF this is true. Then, a light bulb clicked on in my head. I checked my cookies and sure enough, there were two government cookies on my computer – one from the Department of Education site. I had gone there to review the lesson plans being given to teachers and administrators for the upcoming presidential address to schoolchildren (Sept 8th).

I am a single working mother. I am also living in a capitalistic society and am a total opportunist when it comes to effective legit ways to get some more revenue flow into the family coffers.

Since I am an outspoken conservative American who publicly posts disagreements with the government and the POTUS, I am likely already on some list. If they were into tracking people, well, heck, I could be one of them.

If that tracking is turning into clicks on my websites and blogs, well, baby, I am about to get free healthcare forever!

First: totally monetize, to the hilt, all my blogs and websites. Create more, if need be.
Second: make sure to post stuff with certain keywords to really get their attention
Third: throw in some stuff just to entertain them so they will sneak back for a good laugh
Fourth: subscribe to all their email lists and visit all their sites every day
Fifth: make sure to visit the NRA site (I am a member, by the way, Mr Spy), and other harmless but likely ‘flagged’ sites.
Sixth: watch the dough roll in from all their clicking
Seventh: have all my family’s medical costs covered by the income I am generating from their paranoid spying

This is one government-subsidized healthcare plan I can totally get behind, baby! ;-p

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