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Sunday, January 18, 2009

God, Country, and the Inauguration

Photo Courtesy Senator Barack Obama Press Kit

I do not think it will surprise many for me to say I am not a fan of President–elect Barack Hussein Obama. That being said, I love this country. I am a patriot through-and-through. I love that we are a melting pot country and I love our constitution. Did you know that our Declaration of Independence is a model for other countries that seek freedoms and democracy?

As a patriot, I can say that regardless of our initial impression of the man, I cannot think of a single president in history who has been perfect. I cannot name one who has not made a decision that turned out badly (despite his best efforts) or who has not at some point in his term of office acted on some human frailty – the way all of us do in our daily lives. By that same token, I cannot think of a single president who has not also shown, at some point, tremendous wisdom, courage, or leadership for this country. Every incoming president is bound not only to disappoint, but also to inspire.

Soon Barack Hussein Obama will be our 44th President. Those who wish ill upon him are unthinkingly wishing ill upon us all. His blunders will affect this country in ways that could do serious damage. His triumphs will change lives for the better, possibly in profound ways.

In loving this country and her people, I pray for Barack Hussein Obama. I pray he will be blessed with the wisdom to clearly see what is best for the people of this country as a whole, and with the courage and strength to act on that wisdom even when it is difficult or unpopular.

I pray for his family. I pray they will be able to endure the sacrifice and challenges that come with being the family of the President of the United States of America. We do not need family challenges or stressors to be adding more pressure and workload upon our president. We need him to be at his best and able to focus, with a clear mind and heart, upon the needs of this country. We also need him to be able to be there for his family and to have that source of comfort and peace in his life. Those moments will help him to better endure all he must as our president.

I will be watching the inauguration as he is sworn into office. I care not for the Hollywood elite and the hoopla, but I am very much interested in the swearing in ceremony of our new president. Every swearing in ceremony is an historic event, and while some cling to that label because he is black, I use it because it is the hallmark of the democracy in this country that I so treasure. Each swearing in ceremony means ‘we the people’ have a voice and a choice in our own leadership and government. I hope to never take that for granted.

As an American, you can protest and boycott the inauguration or you can attend and cheer with tear-filled eyes. You can watch in the hopes he will commit a major blunder, or you can watch for the history-making aspect. You can do something that has nothing to do with the inauguration, or you can even change the channel and watch something else. Those, too, are other great parts of this country – you have the freedom to choose how to respond to this event, and it won’t be broadcast on every channel.

God Bless America!

PS. Those who wish to watch do not need a television to do so. Hulu is one of multiple online sites that will be broadcasting the event live.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Study Claims Thinking Makes You Fat – Studies on Obesity Doom All

Silhouettes representing healthy, overweight, ...Image via WikipediaI read this report about a study claiming that thinking hard makes you fat. It reminded me of other studies and reports over the years I have read that claimed this, that, or the other make people fat. In each case, it was something weird like this study about thinking.

Drinking Water Makes You Fat
Insomnia Makes You Fat
Diet Sodas Make You Fat
Sugar Substitutes Make You Fat
Holiday ‘Spirits” Make You Fat
Healthy Food Makes You Fat
Shampoo Makes You Fat

In the end, it appears that pretty much everyone is doomed to be fat as most people have at least one of those fat-makers in their lifestyle. These studies could lead one to develop a new life strategy:

“Eat, Drink and Be Merry – for Tomorrow You May Be Fat!”


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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Science Proves that Family Get-Togethers Warp Your Brain

This new study is one to consider the next time you feel stressed rather than refreshed by time with your family. Now, I thought brain-warping only applied to those of us with dysfunctional families. Who knew it applied to y’all, too? *laugh*

Home for the Holidays
FoxNews – RedEye
December 31, 2008

If the video does not display, please try this link

So, speaking of time with family, does time with your family stress you out? If so, is it only certain members or is it being in a big crowd of family that does you in?

And the big question, if your family stresses you out, what have you done to change it or what do you do to handle it?

My method for handling it is that I am an equal-opportunity eliminator. I eliminate from my life all sources of serious stress.

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