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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Science Proves that Family Get-Togethers Warp Your Brain

This new study is one to consider the next time you feel stressed rather than refreshed by time with your family. Now, I thought brain-warping only applied to those of us with dysfunctional families. Who knew it applied to y’all, too? *laugh*

Home for the Holidays
FoxNews – RedEye
December 31, 2008

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So, speaking of time with family, does time with your family stress you out? If so, is it only certain members or is it being in a big crowd of family that does you in?

And the big question, if your family stresses you out, what have you done to change it or what do you do to handle it?

My method for handling it is that I am an equal-opportunity eliminator. I eliminate from my life all sources of serious stress.

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