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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Brenda Bag – Making a Life Statement

The CloserImage via WikipediaI am a fan of ‘The Closer’ and the main character, Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. One of her trademarks is her big black bag. Her purse is oversized so she can put all manner of items inside, including case files.

In more than one instance, her bag and the contents therein have been useful props in creating a particular impression of her choosing. Like many women, I have multiple bags of multiple sizes that I use for various occasions. However, lately I find myself drawn to my own ‘Brenda Bag’. My life circumstances currently dictate that when I go out, I must take a number of items with me, and they all just fit better in my “Brenda Bag”.

The bag you carry can create an impression, as Brenda’s use of hers illustrates. In her case, her big bag is like her life – disorganized, but everything she needs is there. Others carry bags that are compact, or highly organized with pockets, zippered sections, and slots.

What type of bag/wallet/briefcase/messenger bag/backpack do you carry and what does it say about your life?


A Photo of Brenda with her bag

The Closer – TNT

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