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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eartha Kitt Tribute – Symbol of Feminine Sexiness Passes Away

Photo of singer Eartha Kitt.Image via WikipediaMy first exposure to Eartha Kitt was in her role as ‘Catwoman’ on the 60’s television series, “Batman”. One of three women to play the role, she grabbed attention as the only black woman to play the role (to that point in time). She got my attention by being the one to produce what I considered to be the best Catwoman purr ever.

Since that time, she captured the attention and imagination of the world with her striking eternal feminine sexiness, voice, accent, and style.

Some of my favorite Eartha Kitt songs are: Santa Baby, I Don’t Care, This is My Life, I Love Men, and Where is My Man. In addition to acting, dancing and singing, this amazing woman penned three books and lived life to its fullest as a single woman.

Today, news broke that this remarkable woman died due to colon cancer at age 81.

Please enjoy these musical treats from Eartha Kitt. At the bottom of this posting is a listing of sites with more information about her life and her passing.

Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt

I Love Men by Eartha Kitt

Where is My Man? By Eartha Kitt

I Don’t Care by Eartha Kitt

This is My Life by Eartha Kitt

More information may be found at:

The Official Eartha Kitt website

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The Purrrfect Diva
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Eartha Kitt listing at The Internet Movie Database (IMBd)

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