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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Political Parties and the U.S. Government – Democracy Requires More than One Voice

Citizens registered as an Independent, Democra...Image via WikipediaI have never believed that our government should be controlled by one party. In a democratic society, there is more than one school of thought that needs to be addressed, and many voices that need to be heard.

While I lean more centrist to conservative, I recognize the value of having a healthy mix of liberal ideas and plans in the rule of the country, side-by-side with a healthy mix of conservative ideas and plans. I believe having a good mix of both protects the people and ensures more is done for the ‘common good’ of the people as a whole than for party lines.

I have watched as the parties have changed over the years, primarily the Republican Party. There was a time when each of the two major parties had clear doctrines and clear stances. Now both have become a mish-mash of extremism and centralism, overlapping each other in some areas.

When it becomes more about getting votes than standing for something, the people suffer. When it becomes more about poll numbers than doing what is right for the people as a whole, the country suffers.

I am aware of a movement to return one party to its roots and get back on track. Though I do not agree with every statement made (especially when the other party is attacked), I do believe the overall concept is a good one. The movement is one to rebuild the Republican Party, and the link leads to the Facebook portal for it.

If you know of any other grassroots movements to rebuild, restructure, or otherwise change any of the U.S. political parties, please let me know and I will review and add them here.

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