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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?

We hear about it a lot - this theory of global warming caused by man. But, where did it start, how much is fact, and how much is fiction? The natural history of the world indicates that temperatures much higher and much lower than they are currently are part of the natural cycle of this planet.

For your review, a few sources of information that should help explain the theory, the climate history of the world, and the current alarm being sounded:

Book: Climate Confusion: How Global Warming Hysteria Leads to Bad Science, Pandering Politicians, and Misguided Policies That Hurt the Poor
by Roy Spencer

Article: Definitive Proof: Majority of Scientists Do Not Support Man Made Warming Theory

Article Series: Climate Changes - The Deniers

Video: CBC - Global Warming Doomsday Called Off (almost 44 minutes long)

Video: Greenhouse Conspiracy (made in 1990 - less than 52 minutes)

Video: Global Warming or Global Governance? (less than 6 minutes - with many clips from the below special)

Video: The Great Global Warming Swindle (each segment of this 8-segment special is less than 10 minutes)

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:

Segment 5:

Segment 6:

Segment 7:

Segment 8:

Tips for Buying Organic

Photo © Chance Agrella
I created a post the other day regarding Sustainable Living, Eating Local Foods, and Co-Ops.

Today, I came across this great little segment from a local news station featuring tips for buying organic food. The text and short video clip (on the same page - may be watched on that page) may be viewed by clicking HERE.

Some of the tips include knowing the best foods to focus on, what labels to look for, how to save money, and warnings about 'misting' in grocery store produce sections.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Seeing Racism Where There is None - LeBron James Vogue Cover

To some, the heart and root of the racism issue is largely created and fed into by those who continue to stir it up - and accuse others of the racism they, themselves, paint everything with.

A recent example of this is the honor bestowed upon basketball athlete LeBron James. He was asked to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine - as just one of three men ever to grace its cover.

He and model, Giselle, were 'playing around' during the shoot, and it was determined that the best shot taken in the session was one that featured him as he is seen on the basketball court: fierce in expression and bouncing the basketball.

Now the news and online community is afire with people crying 'racism' because they choose to see the cover as portraying him as 'King Kong' with the 'white woman'. Technically, Brazilian model Giselle is not 'white', but that is not what is seen by the racists who only see things in 'black and white' with a racist undertone across the board.

See what I mean in this video from FoxNews:

The really sick and sad thing about the race-war-mongers of every race is that to them, everything is about race. Had it been a white man chosen for the cover in that same pose it would have been classed as racist for NOT featuring a black man. How long before we hear from the other racial hate-mongers about how they were 'dissed' (yet again) because their race was not represented on the cover?

There is no way to win with those who come in after the fact, spinning everything said and done into an attack on their race. Their hate and victim mentality is sad, sick, and dangerous. It further divides our country despite their 'claims' that what they want unity and equality.

More Hate from the Pulpit - This Time Against Obama

In more news to disgust and outrage, yet another pastor has chosen to take his own hateful political views to his congregation in lieu of the traditional teachings of Christ.

I have to wonder if the government will step in at some point and start revoking tax-exempt status for the political usage of churches by their pastors.

What is most sickening is how these hate-mongers dare to use God as their justification for spewing venom to their congregations. I don't know what God they worship, but most of us worship the One who teaches us to love one another, that vengeance is His, and gave us a commandment to keep the Sabbath Day holy. I don't think hate speech from behind the pulpit which stirs up anger and hate qualifies as obedience to that commandment.

What do YOU think about hateful political condemnations from behind the pulpit?

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saturday, March 29, 2008 - IRS Super Saturday - FREE HELP

Photo by Chance Agrella
On Saturday, March 29, 2008 the IRS is offering free help to tax filers that has been named 'Super Saturday'. IRS locations across the country will be open in order to give free help to individuals who may qualify for the 'Economic Stimulus Package' rebate.

The IRS has a hotline set up to answer questions about Super Saturday, and to give assistance via the phone on Super Saturday:

IRS Hotline, 1-800-906-9887, for free assistance locations.

If taxpayers have economic stimulus questions on March 29, they can call 1-866-234-2942. These phone services are available on March 29 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. local time. (Alaska and Hawaii service is based on Pacific Time Zone.)

From: The IRS Website. Newsroom Section.

More Information:

KSL News Brief with Utah Locations

IRS Info Regarding Super Saturday

IRS Super Saturday Locations by State

IRS Information Regarding What Documents Filers Need to Take with Them for Super Saturday Assistance

IRS Info Regarding How to File for Free (If you made less than $54,000 in 2007)

IRS Info Regarding the Economic Stimulus Payments (E.S. Information Center at IRS Website)

IRS Economic Stimulus Payment Calculator

Monday, March 24, 2008

"You Don't Know What it's Like to be a Black Man . . ." Is it Really a Black and White Issue?

Photo by Chance Agrella


The claim that Hillary Clinton or anyone else who is not a black man cannot possibly understand or relate to 'the experiences of the black man' is ludicrous and faulty in logic.

By that same logic, the person making the statement could not possibly understand or relate to the 'experiences of a white woman' or anyone else who is not a black man - which means they have no frame of reference for comparison, which is needed in order to make their statement true.

You don't need to roll in a pigsty to know it stinks, and you don't have to go into space to know that stars are beautiful. As humans we have been given a unique ability to learn about and understand things we do not directly experience, but that we observe. As humans, we also have a unique gift for being able to show compassion for the pain others suffer - that we, ourselves, have not.

You don't have to be a white woman to understand that being treated unfairly is not fun. You don't have to be a black man to know that it really stinks to be judged upon how you look.

And frankly, there is no way to possibly 'know' the experiences of everyone else - as everyone has a unique experience. My experiences as a white woman are not the same experiences as any of my female friends who are white - though we have a few in common.

We are all people, which makes us each uniquely different. It is not our race that defines us, but the choices we make when the challenges life throws at us all come our way.

What do YOUR choices say about YOU?

Obama is at it Again - 'Typical' White People Remark

Photo by Chance Agrella

In a radio interview on March 20, 2008, Obama's racist views were again shown for what they are when he commented that his white grandmother was a 'typical white person' in her feelings/reactions to blacks.

Gimme a break.

The Obama camp is shouting about racism and stereotypes needing to be overcome - and yet here he is, with his own lips, spewing stereotypical racism.

Listen to it HERE.

For the record, 'typical' is defined as

    • exhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind or category; "a typical American girl"; "a typical suburban community ...
    • conforming to a type; "the typical (or normal) American"; "typical teenage behavior"


Racism is defined as

Stereotype is defined as

This 'typical white person' has no problem with people of other races, creeds, colors, religions, etc. I only have problems with idiots, racists, and other stupid and/or hateful people. When I see you coming, I won't care what color you are - but I will care if you act in a way that I perceive as creepy or threatening - which can occur regardless of your gender, race, creed, color. Hassle me and I will kick yer tushy. I am an equal-opportunity creepy hassler butt-whooper. Everyone else gets a smile and a friendly 'hello'.

Is anyone else sick to death of the race card being played over and over and over? If you are running for president of the ENTIRE country, which is comprised of colors and races other than blacks, you need to represent us ALL - yes, even us 'typical white people'. We are all AMERCIANS - you know, the 'melting pot' thing? Try thinking in those terms for a change, Senator Obama.

Sustainable Living, Eating Local Foods, and Co-Ops - New Trends or Wave of the Future?

I have a friend who is part of a produce co-op each year. The basic concept is that everyone produces things, then gets to exchange what they contribute for other things they need. Its a great way for people to use a little bit of garden space, but get a big variety of produce.

The new place I moved into came with a small composter. I have always wanted to try composting, and I love gardening (though I truly have no clue what I am doing!) As I was looking up composting and gardening tips online, I came across this great video show on YouTube from Patti Moreno, 'The Garden Girl' who now also has a segment on Farmer's Almanac TV.  Her focus is on sustainable living. She has some great ideas, tips, and easy to do  projects that can be applied in the smallest or largest of spaces.

Then, there is the trend (which she also mentioned in an interview she did on tv) of 'eating locally'. Individuals and restaurants are moving towards buying foods grown/produced within 100 miles of their location. This helps cut down on fuel usage and costs, and it also helps celebrate and embrace the amazing variety of foods that can be and are local. Many new recipes and types of local produce are coming out of this movement.

So, what do YOU think of the trend of going back to more simple things and more natural things? Do YOU think it can last, or do YOU think it will fizzle out?


YouTube Video Clips from Garden Girl TV

Brief info about how my friend's produce co-op works

Article about the eating local movement

Garden Girl Interview:

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Outrageous Claims On Easter Sunday - Comparing Reverend Wright to Jesus

Photo by Chance Agrella

The new pastor of Barack Obama's church, Reverend Otis Moss III, made it clear he intends to follow suit of the previous pastor, Reverend Wright, in his claims that Reverend Wright has been 'lynched' by the media and has suffered similarly to what Jesus did at the hands of the Romans.

To compare the two is not only ludicrous, but blasphemous in the minds of many Christians. Jesus never spewed hate and never riled up people against the government or those of other races. The story of the Good Samaritan, and how He handled himself when in the hands of the Romans - even asking Our Father to forgive them, clearly illustrates that Jesus is a man of peace. The same cannot be said of Reverend Wright or his predecessor.

The Holy Day (Easter) set aside for the remembrance of the sacrifice the Savior of the world made for all: black, white, Christian, Jew, Muslim, believer, non-believer, and everyone else - was forgotten in a sermon designed to rile up further animosity and defend the indefensible.

How can anyone call Chicago's United Trinity Church of Christ a church or Christian, for that matter? It sounds more like a political meeting of the black version of the KKK to me. They are certainly not preaching what Jesus did in His time on Earth - which was to love others - including your enemy, and to forgive. His love and His teachings were all-inclusive. I do not see that in a church that spews racism against whites, promotes hate against the government, and makes claims such as, "you picked the wrong folk to mess with", "unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian", and making pleas for money to 'defend the church' in 'this time of battle' . . .with no further specifics regarding the allocation of funds given. Jesus never asked for money for Himself or to 'defend' Himself. He asked us to give to the poor and needy. He never proclaimed war on those who did not think as He did or did not agree with Him.

Think Reverend Wright's brand of hate is limited to his congregation? Think again. Rev. McKinney in Seattle wrote in an essay handed out today that Reverend Wright 'represents the best of us'.

If this kind of thinking and hate is representative of 'the best of us' then maybe the rest of the world is correct about us, after all.

Fox News Report: In Easter Sermon, New Obama Pastor Charges Reverend Wright Victim of 'Lynching'.Judson Berger. March 23, 2008.

The church's own 'Black Value System' is posted on their website, and is a clearly racist document. Don't think so? Read it with the word 'white' in place of the word 'black'. If it would be racist and wrong for a white church to print and post and preach such things with the word 'white' liberally sprinkled throughout, what makes it any less racist and wrong for a black church it print and post and preach such things with the word 'black' liberally sprinkled throughout?

Please note the final phrase in the document: 'the advancement of black people toward freedom.' Since when are blacks in America not free?

When their racist hate dictates it to be so - not in reality.

And for the record, such a statement about the advancement of black people is very similar to the teachings of the KKK in regards to whites and their 'place' in the world. See information regarding Hiram Wesley Evans and his 'The Klan's Fight for Freedom'.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Huffington vs O'Reilly

Photos by Chance Agrella

I regularly review the top news websites and watch the related videos. I have noted that Bill O'Reilly has, on occasion, pointed out blogs on 'The Huffington Post' that are venomous hate-filled attacks. These particular blogs made statements regarding the hope that certain individuals die horrible deaths (Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has been one of the targets of this hate, as has Tony Snow).

When a film crew from the Factor confronted Ms. Huffington about the kind of hate she allows on her site, she began talking about her efforts in taking down offensive comments (comments added to the end of blog posts by anyone in the general public), rather than address the question of the hate in the blog posts themselves.

She then went on to bash Mr O'Reilly in her website and again, rambled on about the reader comments rather than answering the question about the bloggers and their posts - which she routinely features on her front page.

The comments from readers on her website regarding her post about the incident were very illuminating. Many were filled with flat out hate for Bill O'Reilly and had no clue to what she was referring - only that it was an opportunity to bash him.

One of the first comments in the list that I saw mentioned that when readers submit comments they have to be approved before they will be posted. While the reader comments was not Mr O'Reilly's issue, the reader who made that comment pointed out, very clearly, that Ms Huffington was LYING. How could it be that hateful comments are 'taken down' when if they go through an approval process before they post, they would not be posted to begin with?

For the record, the hate spewed on The Huffington Post is not just towards republicans and Bill O'Reilly - there was plenty just today towards Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Mrs Clinton's campaign has announced they have boycotted The Huffington Post due to all the hate speech on it from its contributors -the bloggers.

I think there is no question that Mr O'Reilly is not the most computer/Internet literate person in the world - he admits openly to this. His own wording may contribute to some confusion. However, for those who are web-savvy, it is very clear what he is talking about - if you listen to the whole message, rather than just jump on one word.

His commentary about the regular hate speech appearing on The Huffington Post including direct quotes, links, and comments from others who do understand the web, have all made it abundantly clear what the issue is and what the point is that he is making.

Shame on Ms Huffington for her lie, and for not bothering to do any research whatsoever into his claim in order to intelligently and directly address it. She took the low road of just bashing him, rather than addressing the issue.



Video Clip : The clip of Ms Huffington being asked about allowing hate speech by her bloggers on her website

Text: The post by Ms Huffington regarding her version of events, along with reader comments immediately below.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Utah Governor - Hurting Utah Teens for the sake of Half an Ounce

I posted on this issue recently, and read that the Governor of Utah, Jon Hunstman, in his infinite wisdom, signed into law the ludicrous and harmful bill. He commented that he didn't like the law because it will tarnish Utah's reputation, but signed it because it will increase shot sizes from 1 ounce to 1.5 ounces.

He forgot about the part where relegating the sale of 'alcopop' to liquor stores only also significantly increases the alcoholic content of the beverages. The whole issue behind the bill was to 'protect teens from alcohol'. Nice job - now when they get their hands on the 'alcopop' (and I guarantee they will) they can get more drunk  . . . faster!

We will have more teen drunk drivers, more alcohol poisonings, and more problems all resulting in more teen deaths.

Priority was given to shot size over the safety of Utah youth and 'the reputation' of Utah State - way to go GOVERNOR!

Read the KSL News synopsis HERE (Please note that they alter stories without notice or warning when new facts come in - the comment section that accompanies the article can alert you to any changes they have made).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Reverend Wright Matters in Obama's Campaign

I have been watching this story unfold with a great deal of interest, and feel it is now time to speak up about something I only saw kind of referenced yesterday - by Bill O'Reilly - coincidentally after I fired off an email to his show mentioning it.

When people seek out a church/religion, generally they are seeking God or a better way to live. They may want answers, comfort, peace, or knowledge. What gets people to stay with a particular church/pastor is that they find what is being espoused is congruent with their particular belief set. If there is a strong conflict between the two, people will leave and seek out other churches/religions/pastors. This is evidenced in many discussions about churches/religions changing their policies/stances on various issues in order to stop congregants from leaving.

The evidence is overwhelming that Reverend Wright has not only preached anti-American venom from the pulpit, but that he has done it multiple times - which illustrates that he was not speaking rashly, but from his deepest set of beliefs. Add to that the continual and repeated references from his own lips regarding how whites hold back/put down/victimize blacks.

Obama attended this church and listened to the ravings of this pastor for TWENTY YEARS. For 20 years, Barack Obama and his wife sat in the church and listened to all the venom spewed by Reverend Wright. For 20 years, they found enough congruence between their own beliefs and what he was preaching to continue to stay - and I would bet, financially support the church/pastor.

Recently, Michelle Obama was accused of making anti-American statements (essentially the same statement reworded on several occasions). Is it any wonder that she would say such things as how ashamed she is of America when shame of, hate for, and the blaming of America is routinely preached in the church she attends?

And what of Obama and his campaign? Can we really have as our leader and representative someone who has, for 20 years, found enough congruence with his own beliefs to continue to attend a church led by Reverend Wright, and whose own wife also makes anti-American statements? How can someone who believes whites are out to get blacks, and that America is an evil and shameful country possibly fairly serve the interests of its citizens?


Several things have come out since I made this post, that I felt I needed to add for your information:
Video - Barack Obama Responds
Contradiction to Barack Obama's Claimed 'Stand' on 'hate speech'
Video Clip - Bill O'Reilly's Take on Barack Obama's Response
Video Clip - Newt Gingrich and Bill O'Reilly discuss Barack Obama's Response
Article: Ann Coulter Weighs In on Obama's Response
Article: Pat Bachanan Weighs in On Obama Reply - Points out Some Facts

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you go to the Barack Obama website and pass along ANYTHING from it (i.e. "email this to a friend") be warned - they will begin to spam you! Then you have to 'unsubscribe' AND give them a reason WHY you are unsubscribing. How about 'you collected my email information without my knowledge or consent and then spammed me!'

Friday, March 7, 2008

California Judges and Moronic (and illegal) Rulings


Two different articles I read today have led me to wonder what is going on with our judicial system and why these judges are not immediately removed from the bench.

The first one comes out of California and is some completely ludicrous, factually incorrect,  constitutionally contradictory, and potentially illegal, that it is astonishing this judge has been allowed thus far to be on the bench since he clearly has zero understanding of the constitution.

Point of fact: while the constitution does not grant educational rights to parents, it does not grant them to the state, either. This means that because it also states that rights not specifically granted to the states go to the individual, parents DO in fact have the right, because they are the individuals whom the educational rights fall upon.

Our next moronic ruling also comes out of California (are the judges there smoking dope or something? Sheesh!) and is in regards to the rights of foster children to enlist in the military. The judge's ruling denying the youth the right to an early enlistment stated that she was denying the request due to her own personal feelings regarding the war in Iraq and about military recruiters. Since when are judges allowed to rule on personal beliefs rather than on points of law?

I almost moved to California last year. There is more than one reason staying where I am has turned out to be a blessing. Looks to me like a case of the inmates running the asylum based upon recent events coming out of California.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Important Cancer Screening and Detection Information for Women

While I have lost tremendous respect for Rosie O'Donnell, I have embedded the following video from her because it contains very important cancer screening and detection information for women in it. I came across it when I saw reports about an incident between Larry King and Fran Drescher. The search for details led me to a site which had this video.

I was horrified (but not exactly surprised) to learn that so many helpful tests  used for the early detection of cancer in women are NOT covered by insurance. That needs to change.

Speaking of cancer, early National Enquirer reports about Patrick Swayze having cancer have turned out to be partially true. Score one point for them actually getting something right.

On my final cancer note, please be sure, Ladies and Gentleman, to do all you can to keep yourself healthy and screen accurately for cancer. More information about cancer may be found at the National Cancer Institute website.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Alco-Pop", Liquor Laws, and Legislative Stupidity

For those of you who have never been to Utah, one thing becomes very clear very quickly to tourists who consume alcoholic beverages: Utah has the strangest liquor laws in the country.

While I, myself, am not a drinker, I have found myself both intrigued and disgusted by the current 'debates' raging over "alco-pop" in Utah. The term was coined to describe drinks such as Mike's Hard Lemonade which have a 'flavor', and which the legislators insist attract teenage drinkers.

Here is a news flash: those teens who want to consume alcohol are not really concerned about the fun flavors - most alcohol has some nastiness to its taste. Teens who drink are mostly concerned about having fun and being uninhibited/brave: both of which they associate with drinking alcohol.

So, in its infinite wisdom, the Utah State Legislature has spent considerable time in this session creating and passing a law which would take "alco-pop" out of the grocery stores and put it into liquor stores. This plan has now backfired on them. While both entities have to I.D. individuals before selling alcohol to them, the "alco-pop" sold in grocery stores was of a lower alcoholic content.

Now because it will have to be sold in the liquor store, the rules have changed and the alcoholic content will increase significantly. This means that those teens with access to these beverages will now be getting significantly more alcohol per bottle than they did before. We may well see more problems associated with teen drinking now, rather than less.

Way to go, Utah State Legislature. I am so glad to see my tax dollars going to such a worthy cause instead of other trite issues like lowering my taxes, improving our schools, etc.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Angel Eyes of Jeff Healey

Jeff Healey, leader of the Jeff Healey Band, died Sunday March 2, 2008 due to cancer. Famous for the song 'Angel Eyes'; what some may not know is that he was blind.

His final album is due to be released in April 2008.

You may find Angel Eyes Lyrics here, and you may enjoy the music video here.

Goodbye Sweet Music Man. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us all.

Berkeley California and Boycotts

Back in January of 2008, the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution against the United States Marine Corps. They proclaimed recruiters 'unwelcome' and apparently based this decision on their determinations that the United States Marine Corps has some kind of control over federal laws (homosexuality issue) and the war in Iraq.

In response to this, a petition has been launched demanding an apology from the city council, and a boycott is being instituted against the city of Berkeley and all the products and services which come out of there.

Some proclaim this unfair as the businesses are not responsible for what the city council does, in spite of the fact that it is those business owners and employees who voted the council into office.

Something I have not heard or seen in the coverage of this story is the history the city of Berkeley has itself of boycotting. This article from 1997 lists some of the issues and boycotts coming out of Berkeley California.

If the city is so into conducting boycotts on others, surely they can handle some being thrown their way. Financial pressure and losses in sales tax funds and tourism should help get the message across that not only is their policy ludicrous and hateful, but it is offensive to Americans and will not be tolerated.

Oh, and if (Heaven forbid) a national emergency were to occur in California, I hope Berkeley doesn't hold its breath for the Marines to come in and save the day - they have been told they are unwelcome. Hope ya can save yer own hides, Berkeley!

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