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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why Reverend Wright Matters in Obama's Campaign

I have been watching this story unfold with a great deal of interest, and feel it is now time to speak up about something I only saw kind of referenced yesterday - by Bill O'Reilly - coincidentally after I fired off an email to his show mentioning it.

When people seek out a church/religion, generally they are seeking God or a better way to live. They may want answers, comfort, peace, or knowledge. What gets people to stay with a particular church/pastor is that they find what is being espoused is congruent with their particular belief set. If there is a strong conflict between the two, people will leave and seek out other churches/religions/pastors. This is evidenced in many discussions about churches/religions changing their policies/stances on various issues in order to stop congregants from leaving.

The evidence is overwhelming that Reverend Wright has not only preached anti-American venom from the pulpit, but that he has done it multiple times - which illustrates that he was not speaking rashly, but from his deepest set of beliefs. Add to that the continual and repeated references from his own lips regarding how whites hold back/put down/victimize blacks.

Obama attended this church and listened to the ravings of this pastor for TWENTY YEARS. For 20 years, Barack Obama and his wife sat in the church and listened to all the venom spewed by Reverend Wright. For 20 years, they found enough congruence between their own beliefs and what he was preaching to continue to stay - and I would bet, financially support the church/pastor.

Recently, Michelle Obama was accused of making anti-American statements (essentially the same statement reworded on several occasions). Is it any wonder that she would say such things as how ashamed she is of America when shame of, hate for, and the blaming of America is routinely preached in the church she attends?

And what of Obama and his campaign? Can we really have as our leader and representative someone who has, for 20 years, found enough congruence with his own beliefs to continue to attend a church led by Reverend Wright, and whose own wife also makes anti-American statements? How can someone who believes whites are out to get blacks, and that America is an evil and shameful country possibly fairly serve the interests of its citizens?


Several things have come out since I made this post, that I felt I needed to add for your information:
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