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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Huffington vs O'Reilly

Photos by Chance Agrella

I regularly review the top news websites and watch the related videos. I have noted that Bill O'Reilly has, on occasion, pointed out blogs on 'The Huffington Post' that are venomous hate-filled attacks. These particular blogs made statements regarding the hope that certain individuals die horrible deaths (Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has been one of the targets of this hate, as has Tony Snow).

When a film crew from the Factor confronted Ms. Huffington about the kind of hate she allows on her site, she began talking about her efforts in taking down offensive comments (comments added to the end of blog posts by anyone in the general public), rather than address the question of the hate in the blog posts themselves.

She then went on to bash Mr O'Reilly in her website and again, rambled on about the reader comments rather than answering the question about the bloggers and their posts - which she routinely features on her front page.

The comments from readers on her website regarding her post about the incident were very illuminating. Many were filled with flat out hate for Bill O'Reilly and had no clue to what she was referring - only that it was an opportunity to bash him.

One of the first comments in the list that I saw mentioned that when readers submit comments they have to be approved before they will be posted. While the reader comments was not Mr O'Reilly's issue, the reader who made that comment pointed out, very clearly, that Ms Huffington was LYING. How could it be that hateful comments are 'taken down' when if they go through an approval process before they post, they would not be posted to begin with?

For the record, the hate spewed on The Huffington Post is not just towards republicans and Bill O'Reilly - there was plenty just today towards Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Mrs Clinton's campaign has announced they have boycotted The Huffington Post due to all the hate speech on it from its contributors -the bloggers.

I think there is no question that Mr O'Reilly is not the most computer/Internet literate person in the world - he admits openly to this. His own wording may contribute to some confusion. However, for those who are web-savvy, it is very clear what he is talking about - if you listen to the whole message, rather than just jump on one word.

His commentary about the regular hate speech appearing on The Huffington Post including direct quotes, links, and comments from others who do understand the web, have all made it abundantly clear what the issue is and what the point is that he is making.

Shame on Ms Huffington for her lie, and for not bothering to do any research whatsoever into his claim in order to intelligently and directly address it. She took the low road of just bashing him, rather than addressing the issue.



Video Clip : The clip of Ms Huffington being asked about allowing hate speech by her bloggers on her website

Text: The post by Ms Huffington regarding her version of events, along with reader comments immediately below.

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