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Friday, March 28, 2008

Seeing Racism Where There is None - LeBron James Vogue Cover

To some, the heart and root of the racism issue is largely created and fed into by those who continue to stir it up - and accuse others of the racism they, themselves, paint everything with.

A recent example of this is the honor bestowed upon basketball athlete LeBron James. He was asked to appear on the cover of Vogue magazine - as just one of three men ever to grace its cover.

He and model, Giselle, were 'playing around' during the shoot, and it was determined that the best shot taken in the session was one that featured him as he is seen on the basketball court: fierce in expression and bouncing the basketball.

Now the news and online community is afire with people crying 'racism' because they choose to see the cover as portraying him as 'King Kong' with the 'white woman'. Technically, Brazilian model Giselle is not 'white', but that is not what is seen by the racists who only see things in 'black and white' with a racist undertone across the board.

See what I mean in this video from FoxNews:

The really sick and sad thing about the race-war-mongers of every race is that to them, everything is about race. Had it been a white man chosen for the cover in that same pose it would have been classed as racist for NOT featuring a black man. How long before we hear from the other racial hate-mongers about how they were 'dissed' (yet again) because their race was not represented on the cover?

There is no way to win with those who come in after the fact, spinning everything said and done into an attack on their race. Their hate and victim mentality is sad, sick, and dangerous. It further divides our country despite their 'claims' that what they want unity and equality.

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