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Friday, March 7, 2008

California Judges and Moronic (and illegal) Rulings


Two different articles I read today have led me to wonder what is going on with our judicial system and why these judges are not immediately removed from the bench.

The first one comes out of California and is some completely ludicrous, factually incorrect,  constitutionally contradictory, and potentially illegal, that it is astonishing this judge has been allowed thus far to be on the bench since he clearly has zero understanding of the constitution.

Point of fact: while the constitution does not grant educational rights to parents, it does not grant them to the state, either. This means that because it also states that rights not specifically granted to the states go to the individual, parents DO in fact have the right, because they are the individuals whom the educational rights fall upon.

Our next moronic ruling also comes out of California (are the judges there smoking dope or something? Sheesh!) and is in regards to the rights of foster children to enlist in the military. The judge's ruling denying the youth the right to an early enlistment stated that she was denying the request due to her own personal feelings regarding the war in Iraq and about military recruiters. Since when are judges allowed to rule on personal beliefs rather than on points of law?

I almost moved to California last year. There is more than one reason staying where I am has turned out to be a blessing. Looks to me like a case of the inmates running the asylum based upon recent events coming out of California.

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