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Monday, March 3, 2008

Berkeley California and Boycotts

Back in January of 2008, the Berkeley City Council passed a resolution against the United States Marine Corps. They proclaimed recruiters 'unwelcome' and apparently based this decision on their determinations that the United States Marine Corps has some kind of control over federal laws (homosexuality issue) and the war in Iraq.

In response to this, a petition has been launched demanding an apology from the city council, and a boycott is being instituted against the city of Berkeley and all the products and services which come out of there.

Some proclaim this unfair as the businesses are not responsible for what the city council does, in spite of the fact that it is those business owners and employees who voted the council into office.

Something I have not heard or seen in the coverage of this story is the history the city of Berkeley has itself of boycotting. This article from 1997 lists some of the issues and boycotts coming out of Berkeley California.

If the city is so into conducting boycotts on others, surely they can handle some being thrown their way. Financial pressure and losses in sales tax funds and tourism should help get the message across that not only is their policy ludicrous and hateful, but it is offensive to Americans and will not be tolerated.

Oh, and if (Heaven forbid) a national emergency were to occur in California, I hope Berkeley doesn't hold its breath for the Marines to come in and save the day - they have been told they are unwelcome. Hope ya can save yer own hides, Berkeley!

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