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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Patriotism vs Humanitarianism


Bill O'Reilly has a segment he calls Patriot or Pinhead. In it he discusses someone and something they did - then rates it/them as a patriot or a pinhead.

Today I want to do something similar - a short discourse on patriotism vs humanitarianism.

I love it when I see, hear, or read about tremendous acts of service, sacrifice, and kindness coming from Americans and given to those in other countries. We have been so abundantly blessed in this country and it seems only right to share with lose who are less fortunate.

What troubles me is when I see these acts and then realize how many in the USA need those very same supplies, services, and acts of kindness. Here in this very country there are children who are waiting to be adopted, people in desperate need of medical help, poor, homeless, and hungry.

Where is that line between helping others, and helping ourselves first? Should we not take care of those in need in our own country FIRST? Or has it become too much of a hassle to do so?

I know when you look at adoptions in the USA versus adopting outside of the USA, it can be a much easier process to adopt a child outside of the USA. How sad is that? Have we 'government beauracracied' ourselves into harming the children who need us most? While there SHOULD be laws to protect these children, there should also be an easier process for good parents to be able to adopt them. If natural parents had to go through the rigmarole adoptive parents have to go through, birthrates would drop dramatically. People who are not perfect can be and are great parents.

What do you think? When it comes to help in any form, should we help those in the USA first, or help those in other countries regardless?

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