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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ralph Nader Enters Presidential Race - Again

Immediately, the Obama and Clinton camps were all over this news, bashing the man for entering the race. Do I detect fear in the water of the Democratic pool? Last I heard, this was a country that embraced the right of its citizens to run for leadership positions - including that of president. Now they are going to verbally bash him for using a right given to him by the laws of this country they claim to love and break the vows they make to protect the rights of its citizens therein?

Hillary Clinton's comment about Nader preventing Gore from being our 'greenest' president ever made me laugh out loud. Haven't we already established the man (Al Gore) has no clue? He wrongly won a Nobel Peace Prize - the material the prize was won for has already been proven to be scientifically flawed and false.

Over in the Republican pool, ever-delusional Huckabee is doing the happy dance, sure that this is somehow going to help him. Huckabee said he would not overstay his welcome, but managed to do so on SNL .

There were problems with Nader's previous runs that I hope he has learned from. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming months and if this move will be what the race needs.

What do YOU think about Ralph Nader entering the race?

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