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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Huckabee's Delusion

This article on CNN had me laughing out loud. Through his entire campaign, this man has taken multiple potshots at Mitt Romney. He has railed on Mormons and used his own religion as a card in the race - though clearly the word "Christian" has not translated well into his behavior towards Mitt Romney and Mormons.

Many claim that Romney's only or strongest support is coming from Mormons.

Now, Huckabee is refusing to see the writing on the wall, and claiming that Romney supporters may well come his way.

Let's see - you continually took pot shots at their candidate. If they are LDS (Mormon) you were taking potshots at them and their religious beliefs. You have used your own religion as a tool to criticize and condemn those of other religious affiliations (isn't that what the terrorists have done?).

Yeah, I can see Romney supporters coming to you in droves! *please note the sarcasm*

For those who are considering this man as the next president; does none of this bother you? Is this the kind of leader YOU want running our country and dealing with various world cultures and religions?

Any chance this man had of getting my vote has been lost by his repeated poor sportsmanship, clear bigotry, and refusal to deal with reality. This country needs a strong leader who stands up for his beliefs, but not by antagonizing and alienating a large chunk of the country he is sworn to lead. Our leader needs to be one who unites us, not divides us. We already have the ACLU doing that job.

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