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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Liberals are Not the Devil and Conservatives are Not the Enemy

Though we may have different views about how to do certain things and we may have different views about certain issues, there are some things that most liberals and conservatives have in common:

We recognize there are problems with our government and want to see them fixed
We love our country
We want to see those less fortunate than ourselves helped
We care about international matters and want to help
We want all Americans to have the opportunity to be successful!
We want our children to be well-educated
We want all Americans to be able to afford/receive quality healthcare
It hurts us to be the target of hate, name-calling and character assassinations
We are tired of spin, agendas, lies and hate
We want to be judged by our character – not our religion (or lack thereof), sexual preference, gender, age, politics, race, etc.

If we can focus on our similarities and not let the hate-mongers drive us apart, we can accomplish a lot together. We don’t have to see eye-to-eye or agree on everything in order to solve problems, engage in civil dialogue or help others. Our differences are what make us unique and interesting. Learning to have great working relationships with those with whom we differ is just part of life.

Its time to ‘get over’ our differences and start MAKING a difference - together.

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