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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who Can Say One Positive True Thing About Senator John McCain?

John McCain official photo portrait.Image via Wikipedia In a forum of which I am a member, a challenge was issued: Who could say one positive true thing about Senator John McCain? Though several attempts were made, the issuer of the challenge shot them all down until one forum member shared the following:

Senator John McCain Heroically Grants a Dying Mother Her Final Wish

As stated in the article, it is not about politics, but it does say something very powerful about the man behind the office and the campaign.

Want further true insight into the men behind the campaigns? Check out this interesting article by Nancy Benac, By Their Offices Ye Shall Know Them.

There are many things to consider before electing a president. Getting to see the man behind the campaign is one way to ascertain his character. There are other ways to get to the truth behind all the hype.

Truth and Pants on Fire Detector. Want to know how much truth or fallacy is behind the claims made in email, in speeches, and in ads? Check out the non-partisan truth detector at A new feature is the "Flip O-Meter" that reveals true flip flopping by the candidates.

Want to know the actual voting record of the candidates? Such things are a matter of public record and accessible through the government's U.S. Senate website.

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