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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Partying with American Political Parties

The western (front) side of the United States ...Image via Wikipedia Today's post is dedicated to the political parties of the United States of America, and voting.

The Directory of American Political Parties offers a listing of the political parties in the USA along with a brief description of each.

The Political Philosophy Quiz is by far the most accurate I have seen lately at revealing where a person stands in political philosophy. The quiz assesses responses to determine leanings in the conservative/liberal, pacifist/militarist, libertarian/authoritarian and capitalist/socialist spectrums. With the results comes a recommendation for political party based upon the results.

Now that you know about the various parties and which most closely fits your beliefs, it is time to register to vote.

Not sure how to register to vote? The Rock the Vote website can guide you through the process. Also, the Register to Vote site offers information related to registering to vote and how to make an informed decision before you vote.

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