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Monday, August 4, 2008

Government 101: Types of Government Rule - Democracy, Republic, and more

A White photo of President Bush, VP Cheney, an...Image via WikipediaDue to this year being an election year as well as the year the Olympics are in China, many aspects of government, freedom, and laws have been on my mind.

Like many, I have mistakenly referred to our government as a 'democracy', when in fact we are a 'republic'. I have also observed that many Americans do not understand the basics of our governmental structure - or what the President really does (i.e. his role, responsibilities, and limits in power).

Over the course of several posts, I will be covering these basic concepts for your benefit as well as my own. Educated and informed citizens are responsible citizens who know not only how to elect the best people, but know how to 'demand' the best from those in office.

Types of Government by Alverno College (Wisconsin)

Types of Government by Country

If there is any particular aspect of how our government is set up or how our electoral process works that you would like me to cover, please contact me.

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