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Thursday, October 1, 2009

As a Mom I Understand Things Congress and Others Seem to Have Forgotten

by Daniella Nicole

As a mom, I understand the importance of thinking through actions and understanding the laws of consequences. I understand the importance of values such as honesty, integrity and personal responsibility. These are the concepts I teach my child and practice myself, as a mom and an example to my child. I expect no less from our elected public servants.

As a single mom and sole bread-winner, I understand the importance of balancing budgets, not overspending and making careful choices about time, prioritization and money. I teach these concepts to my child and expect our public officials to adhere to these same concepts when dealing with our time, our issues and our money.

As a mommy-preneur and sole proprietor, I understand the business world, the importance of reading documents before signing them and the importance of adhering to the law. I understand the difficult choices that sometimes must be made and the fact that you cannot please everyone. I understand the importance of communication with those I work for and the importance of doing my homework so I can give the best of myself and my work to those I work for. I also understand that even when it isn't popular, it is still important to do what is right and to stand up against what is wrong. Torpedos be danged! I expect the same of those elected to represent we, the people.

As a mom, I understand these are all very basic principles that are at the core of success in any personal or professional venture. They should be at the heart of all our elected officials do in their capacity as our employees. It is time they remember these values and principles as well as what their role really is - as our employees - not our masters.

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