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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who is Hiring? Job Openings for Feb 28 – Mar 6, 2010

by Daniella Nicole

Here are some job listings for this week that I found in my day-to-day dealings: The online game site that offers a new free game download each day in addition to games that can be played online free or purchased for offline use, has job openings. Check out the job listings for Gamehouse here. is hiring in the U.S.A. and internationally. Please note that a friend of mine has applied there before and told me they have an Ivy League & Top 10 School policy. Keep this in mind – and be sure to check out all the information related to applying with them. Find their jobs here. hires globally. This link goes to a listing that may appear small, but in the small print above it is a page arrow. There are 114 pages of currently open positions. Find their job openings here.

The United States Office of Personnel Management website is where you can find the official listings of open Federal jobs and employment information. The Federal government is hiring across the nation. To find a job, click here.

Those who like off-beat and hand-made items may be very familiar with Etsy. This fun site is hiring. There are multiple openings on their various ‘teams’, plus internships. Check out their job listings here. is hiring. To check out the open opportunities with this social networking company, please click here. They have multiple types of openings at the moment. is a free membership website that allows savvy shoppers to find limited time sales on fabulous items. They are hiring for multiple types of positions currently. Check out their open jobs list here.

There may also still be open opportunities with companies I have posted previously.

Who is Hiring? February 14 - 20 pt 1
Who is Hiring? February 14 - 20 pt 2

Good luck in your job search. If you get a job through any of the listings in this blog, please be sure to let us know in the comments section so we can congratulate you!

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