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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Freelance Writing - So Easy Anyone Can Do It! . . .NOT

Photo by Sarah Sturtevant

One of my favorite bloggers, Deborah Ng, posted this article on her freelance writing blog, and I must say I most heartily agree. The assumption that not only is what we do 'easy' but 'wealth-creating' is something I run into a great deal in my interactions with others who find out what I do.

Not everyone can write, and not everyone has what it takes to not only come up with new ideas to write about, but also put the right spin on it so it will capture and hold the attention of readers.

Most freelance writers cannot live on what they make from writing, alone. We have to have other sources of income unless and until we can land some long-term and good paying contract work. We are more correctly associated, income-wise, with the category of 'starving artist' than we are with J.K.Rowling.

We love what we do. If we didn't, we surely would not continue to do it. But to minimize the amount of work and skill it takes to do what we do is a grave injustice.

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