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Friday, November 2, 2007

Recall Mania

Photo by Chance Agrella
It seems like recalls are in the news on an almost weekly basis lately. Today I read about yet another food recall: this one on frozen pizzas. It got me thinking about all the previous recalls, and wondering what the problem is, specifically, that is creating this environment of it being 'easier to get forgiveness than permission'. It seems that it is 'easier' to get lax on adhering to regulations in an effort to make more money, and then only do 'clean up' if there are problems which can be traced back.

Basically people have to die first. Multiple people. The deaths have to all be linked back to the product, too.

What alarms me is the number of E-Coli contamination recalls as of late. Do you know what is behind E-Coli contamination? People not washing their hands. Such a simple thing can prevent the spread of it, and yet it keeps happening. Are people really this disgusting?

Even more frightening is the number of recalls which are NOT making headlines. If you want to keep up-to-date on the latest recalls, you can check the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website for current and past recall notices. You can also report problems via their website. It seems as of late, E-Coli and lead paint are the most common recall issues, followed by fire hazards and fall hazards.

Also on the CPSC website is a section for kids about safety. It is really cute and educational. Click Here to explore it.

Yet another food recall. This one is for E-Coli contamination of beef. Read about it HERE.

What do you think about all the recalls? And what do you think should be done to help prevent this growing problem?

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