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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hit the Road, Jack, and Doncha Come Back No More!

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Well, another pity-party article for illegal immigrants is in the news, and my stomach is turning with the ludicrous spin being put on it.

The family that has been spotlighted entered the United States ILLEGALLY 20 years ago and have managed to stay under the radar for awhile. YEARS later they said they wanted to seek 'political asylum' because they claimed a family member had been killed in their homeland and they had received related threats. When they were denied political asylum and ordered to return home, they stayed here, ILLEGALLY.

Now they are crying foul because Mom, Dad, and Grandma were forcibly removed from the country and sent packing back to Columbia. For whatever reason, the 18 and 20 yr old sons, who, their mother states with tears, cannot cook for themselves, cannot work, and have no one to 'take care of them' were allowed to stay here temporarily. Several lawmakers are even trying to get a law passed which would allow them to stay here until 2009.

Once the story hit the news, a local law office and a local hotel offered the boys jobs and they were even offered FREE TUITION.

The parents were interviewed in Columbia, in between trips to the mall.

One of the sons is quoted as saying about staying in the US in the family home, ""is too big for just two people. It feels so quiet and lonely not having my dad watching TV and my mom cooking dinner."

He posted on the internet, ""every drop of sweat I've spilled, every ounce of blood I've shed, every single friend I've made, every pledge of allegiance I've recited, and every pivotal point of development in my life has been in the United States. I was not fortunate enough to have been born here, but I was fortunate enough to enjoy my progression from a toddler to a man in this country."


They came here illegally 20 years ago.
They waited YEARS before claiming they needed political asylum.
When it was denied and they were told to go home to Columbia, they defied the law, AGAIN, and AGAIN stayed here ILLEGALLY.
They have raised their 18 and 20 yr olds sons to be incapable of self-sufficiency.
Mom and Dad are 'so afraid for their lives' in Columbia (remember they claimed their lives were in danger in Columbia and they needed political asylum here) that they are spending their time in Columbian shopping malls.
Mom stated they need to come back because the sons are incapable of taking care of themselves.
The son stated that the big house in the US is too quiet without mom slaving over the stove to feed them all while Dad is plopped on the couch in front of the TV.
The title of the article claims the couple is 'struggling' but the sons are still in the US in the 'big house' the family lived in before the parents were deported; and Mom and Dad are spending their time in Columbia on shopping trips.

Neither the parents nor the children made any statement about the parents or the children being in imminent danger of being killed. Hmmmm. So much for political asylum claims, eh?

And, what have they contributed to this county? EL ZIPPO! These 'men' are not even capable of caring for themselves, and now have people handing them jobs they are not qualified for and a free education.

This is absolutely sickening and preposterous.

If they came here with true political asylum claims which they made the moment they got here, I would have nothing but sympathy for them. I would join the cause to try to get them permission to be here.

But, like so many illegals, it is clear this is just another group of people thinking they have the right to come into our country illegally, take what they want, give back nothing, and then cry foul when they get caught and sent on their merry way.

Gimme a freakin' break!

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Accessed November 20, 2007

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