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Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is My Rant

by Daniella Nicole

There are a lot of things going on in the world as of late that have caused me to think about my beliefs and values. These things have also caused me to take a step back and observe, in horror, at the sheer stupidity, lunacy and downright evil (yes, I said it: EVIL), that is going on around me.

In a moment of disgust, I compiled a 9-point rant. I shared it first on Facebook, now I’m sharing it with you. Here is my rant:

1-If job losses were hitting illegals hard, they wouldn't still be here, with more pouring over the borders. Ergo, they are still getting hired. Ergo, they are taking American jobs. Fix border, fix immigration, see more job openings.

2-Why is 'fair wages for illegals' even a discussion? The word 'illegal' should present sufficient evidence that they have NO 'right' to wages of ANY type in America. How dare they complain when they are stealing work, stealing wages and breaking federal law even being here! Those who defend them and help them are aiding, abetting and condoning criminal behavior. Period.

3-The federal government 'boycotting' and 'suing' AZ? Time to clean house. Who do they think they are to punish anyone for upholding the laws they enacted but are failing themselves to uphold? If anyone should be punished, its THEM. In fact, since they refuse to do the basic things they are supposed to, how about we boycott THEM? No federal funding, no tax revenue, file lawsuits, etc? Its time to impeach, jail, sue, etc. They are out of control and I believe, at times, acting in a treasonous manner.

4-What business is it of California or Mexico what Arizona does? Not that long ago California was throwing a hissy fit about 'interference' over Proposition 8 from states, people and organizations outside of California. What right do they have to protest Arizona for upholding FEDERAL law? Either take up the federal law with The Annointed One or shut the crap up. We don't care what you think-and you certainly are in no position to tell any other state what to do.

5-Speaking of Mexico. Calderon can shut the crap up until he opens Mexico's southern borders so anyone can come in, take what they want and trash the place. He doesn't like our laws? Boo friggin hoo. His are worse. Freaking hypocrite. Anyone who gives this creep a public platform should be smacked. Hard.

6-Obama is a ego-maniacal, lying, socialistic wimp.

7-When this administration points elsewhere to shift the blame or attention, know that:

a) there is WAY more to the story
b) they are up to something worse elsewhere
c) either directly or indirectly it is going to cost you money and freedom/rights

8-I don't give a rat's backside who or what you worship. Just don't think I will go along with being forced into your beliefs or stand idly by while you plan to murder me and those like me. I am not afraid of you, I won't be bullied and I won't be intimidated. In fact, I will fight back and you will not like it.

9-You don't have to agree with me or like me. You won't, however, shut me up. Additionally, I will continue to fight for your right to offend people with your beliefs, regardless of how you feel about mine. I'm an American-its what we do.

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