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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to Tie a Tie

Photo © MShades. Used with Creative Commons Attribution License.

While performing some related research, I stumbled across an amazing website that is all about how to tie neckties. The site is called 2 Tie a Tie and is owned and operated by three teenaged young men.

The website not only offers advice on how to tie a wide assortment of tie knots, but also has other related tips such as how to care for your tie, how to clean your tie, and how to prevent and remove wrinkles. How to dress for an interview and how to choose a suit are also topics that are addressed.

The site is easy to use, the diagrams are easy to follow, and the video how-tos are fantastic. 2 Tie a Tie is a fun and informative site that I recommend for anyone who needs to tie ties, or needs to teach others how to tie neckties.

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