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Monday, May 26, 2008

Honoring Our Troops This Memorial Day 2008

Photo © Chance Agrella

I wanted to post a few things today that would help honor and remember our troops.

From A Family Remembers Their Medal of Honor Recipient. A riveting story about Medal of Honor recipient, Lt. Michael P. Murhpy. The end of the story will bring tears to your eyes.

From that same story, a link to photos of the medal and a few recent Medal of Honor Recipients.

From Riderless Horse Adds Poignancy to Military Burials. The history of the riderless horse and the explanation of its symbolism and current usage.

From, an AP story about President Bush honoring the troops in Arlington, Virginia.

Also from, a video, U.S. Soldiers Mark Memorial Day.

Fox News Special: Company of Heroes courtesy of Hulu (1:20:37)
*NOTE: a caution at the beginning of this special warns that it is not for children and contains language and images that may be disturbing.

And, a personal note to my cousin and her husband who are members of the Marines. She is the first female in our family to serve, and the only member of our family in our generation to serve:

“S, I am so very proud of you and J!!!! I keep you both in my prayers. Be safe, and keep up the fine work. Hope to see you soon! Much love, ME.”

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