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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Walmart & Chrysler vs Politicians & The US Government

As I was catching up on the news, an interesting tidbit caught my attention. Listen to what I heard on the Tom Sullivan Show today:

*If this video does not work, click here for a direct link.

I did a little looking to find out what they were referring to about Chrysler. More about it may be found in this online ABC News report and in this radio show clip.

Here is a link to the latest from Walmart about Phase 3 of their Prescription Drug Program, which includes over-the-counter drugs.

So what does all of this mean for you and me? This is all about how it should be when it comes to we the people and our government. We have clear examples of what happens when the government has its fingers in every pie ~ i.e. China, Russia, Cuba. We have examples in our own country of what happens when the government is in control of programs designed to help the people ~ i.e. the I.R.S. and the Social Security Administration. Both organizations are plagued with problems; and are seemingly unaccountable to the public whose money they mandatorily take, and our government that is supposed to be in charge of these organizations.

But, don't take my word for it. Talk to anyone who has ever been audited or had any kind of dealings with trying to collect Social Security Benefits of any type.

Politicians talking about 'going after' big companies will only result in lost jobs and lost income from investments made by retirement plans and individuals. As stated in the radio show snippet - let the economy correct itself.

If capitalism is the name of the game in this country, then let's reward capitalism for doing what the government can't and probably shouldn't. When organizations such as Walmart take on these massive programs to help people (and yes, they will somehow make a profit, too) let's reward them for it. Give them tax credits for making prescription drugs affordable. Let's encourage business at all levels to do the same - to help the public with housing, food, medical care, etc. Those businesses that take the incentive and go the extra mile to help the public at large - reward them. Don't penalize those who don't, but do reward those who do. It's called 'Positive Reinforcement' and it works well.

Take it a step further and reward that decreasing number of employers who pay the full cost of health insurance for their employees. Reward those employers who have programs that give back to the community through service hours and donations.

Reward those employers who help their employees by allowed flex time, family leave, in-house daycare or daycare subsidies, and telecommuting options. Reward those businesses that go above and beyond the call of duty to help accommodate employees that face serious medical situations, disabilities, etc. By helping employees to remain productive employees, employers are helping to keep people off public assistance and from going bankrupt.

Consider this:
if taxes were not raised, but tax deductions were even slightly increased for businesses who went the extra mile to benefit the public, what would happen to the need for government assistance programs? How many more families would be able to afford to eat, put fuel in their car, have medical care, and therefore have more money to spend and save?

In line with rewarding businesses that help those in need, this charity would be one example of a charity that helps people that businesses could then donate to and get an little extra tax write off. With affordable cars, people can more easily get to work, get the kids to daycare, be on time for work, etc.

What do YOU think?

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