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Friday, June 20, 2008

Do I Have to Pull Over for a Cop on a Dark Road?

A really funny story as a lead in to an interesting topic:

If the video does not display, CLICK HERE

If someone tries to pull you over, what are your rights?

According to a police spokeswoman in this Washington Post article, civilians have some options
Caldwell said motorists have options when being pulled over. "Pull over in a well-lit spot where you feel safe," Caldwell said, "but be sure to acknowledge the officer. If you're hesitant or have any concern, ask for the officer's official credentials, and you can ask for a uniformed officer to respond" if a non-uniformed officer makes the stop."

I have heard that you can call dispatch on your cell phone and give them information so they can verify if an actual officer is trying to pull you over or not. They can also relay to the officer any concerns or hesitation on your part.

Best advice: call your local police department and ask for the laws in your state regarding your rights and options when being pulled over. Do this before it happens, so you know what your rights and options are if it does.


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