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Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Photo © Chance Agrella

I make it pretty clear to those who get my email address that I am not interested in forwards, and I don’t want my email address publicly listed in recipient lists. The way to hide email addresses is to put them in the “BCC” field rather than “TO” or “CC”.

Despite this request for respect of my personal boundaries, there are a few people in my life who chose to continually and repeatedly ignore it. These people got blocked and ignored, and lost their spot in my life.

It may seem harsh, but there is a bigger issue at play than spam. The issue is respect for my personal rights and boundaries. There is simply no room in my life for anyone who feels their right to be annoying, inconsiderate, and rude outweighs my right to not be subject to it.

While I do not have to explain my reasons, for those who wonder why anyone would possibly not want their inbox deluged on a regular basis with jokes, ‘news’, and ‘warnings’, I will explain.

#1-I own and operate my own business. As such, I am the recipient of literally hundreds of email messages each day that I must address. I am not looking for more email to deal with.

#2-I do not have the time nor the inclination to deal with crap that has no relevance to my life and is largely falsehoods being circulated and re-circulated by people who don’t have the common sense to check out the information with or any other myth-busting organization before they senselessly panic people or ruin lives with completely fabricated nonsense and malicious untrue attacks on the character of others.

#3-While I welcome email from friends and family that update me on the latest news in their life, I, again, am not interested in forwards.

It is not ok to spread lies and falsehoods about others.

It is not ok to scare people with fabricated stories under the guise of relaying true stories of crime and true warnings of danger.

It is not ok to deluge others with mindless twaddle.

While society at large has become increasingly self-absorbed, I will forever maintain that there is absolutely no excuse for trampling the rights of others in the interest of self.

Don’t like it? Recognize that I am not the kind of person you want to associate with and lose my email address.

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