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Friday, July 4, 2008

Americans Attacking America: Why America is Great

I am getting quickly tired of listening to Americans attacking America. Its one thing to disagree with policies and politicians. It is something entirely different to lump all the citizens, the policies, the culture, the politicians, the beauty, the glory, the history, and the traditions of this country into one big target for their hate and disappointment. The level of disrespect and ingratitude I hear in the voices and statements made by the whiners who attack this, their own country, deeply saddens me.

I, personally, am not going to apologize for my existence, my love of my country, and my willingness to die for the rights of each and everyone of these whiners to their free speech self-serving whining. I am tired of hearing it, and I am tired of seeing otherwise intelligent people spewing it – but I will always defend the right to free speech, which includes their right to whine.

And that, dear fellow citizens, is one of the great things about this country – we all have the right to whine. The government doesn’t kill our families because we say we think the government or any politician in particular sucks. The government doesn’t torture and kill us because we have posted real images of or breaking news about our leaders caught in the act of committing crimes.

We have the right to publicly spew orally and in print idiocy, falsehoods, unflattering truths, opinion, fact, and pretty much anything we want – short of hate speech, libel, and slander.

We have the right to pursue our education as far as we wish, and to work in the field of our choice. We have the right to have as many children as we wish, to marry whom we wish, and to live as we wish. We can freely travel across the country with no need for papers or permission. We have the right to freely move to another country, and even freely give up our US citizenship, if we so desire. We have the right to vote as we wish; and we have a voice in the creation of laws and in the election of our leaders.

We have the right to a fair trial and to representation. Our rights as citizens of this country are graciously extended to visitors to our country. Many nations and peoples worldwide view our own Declaration of Independence as the model for their own freedoms and laws.

Every year, we welcome into our fold citizens from other nations who choose to come to our country to have and achieve what they feel they cannot in their own nation. Every year, we send billions of dollars worth of aid in the form of money, resources and supplies to other nations in need. We quite freely share our abundance – moreso than the oil rich nations.

We are a relatively young country, and yet – look how far we have come. We have gone from a group of rebels wanting to be free to one of the most powerful countries in the world – and a world leader in many regards.

Our nation is blessed, and of course it is not perfect. That is because people are not perfect and people are the heart and lifeblood of what makes this country great – and imperfect. For all of our imperfections, we still have much to be proud of and much for which to be grateful.

I, for one, am proud to be an American and to live in this magnificent country where I am free. Cue Lee Greenwood:

Video courtesy of Fuzzy700

I wish you all a happy and safe Independence Day weekend.

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