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Monday, July 21, 2008

Calling All Puzzle Lovers: Decipher a Clue to Solve a Murder

America's Most WantedImage via Wikipedia
On America’s Most Wanted, a gruesome unsolved double homicide was featured. Though one of the victims tried to leave a clue behind written in blood, the killer was able to wipe most of it away. Sealant on the garage floor has left investigators unable to recover more of the clue.

Investigators need your help in deciphering the clue. According to the show, they believe six to eight words were originally written. All that remains is one letter, and one possible 4-lettered word with jumbled letters.

Read more about the case HERE
View the clue by clicking on “View Larger” on the bottom photo (Jeep mudflap, garage floor)
View the entire AMW episode HERE

To review, investigators believe the top letter to be an “S”. They believe the first letter of the word below is an “S”. They believe the second letter of that second word is either an “E” or an “O”. They believe the third letter of that second word to be either an “L”, a “J”, or an “I”.

What do you think? What words or phrases do you get from the message? Look carefully at the way the letters were formed, and imagine writing while laying down, dying, with your killer close by. What would you write – what could the message say?

Please submit real tips to America’s Most Wanted. You may do so with complete anonymity by calling 1800-CRIMETV, or by clicking HERE The case is referenced on the AMW website as “Unknown Ron And Christine Jabalee Killer”.
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