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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calls from "Top Democrats" to Impeach Obama Not What You Think

by Daniella Nicole

25th Amendment, Impeach Obama, Lyndon LaRouche and Obama as Hitler Signs

Hang onto your seats, folks, because this will be one bumpy ride.

The 25th Amendment and Impeachment

Links are being posted on Twitter and Facebook to various articles and posts claiming something such as “Top Democrats call for Obama Impeachment Using Section 4 of 25th Amendment”.

At the heart of this story is the name Lyndon LaRouche. Lydon LaRouche is not a member of congress, but is (or has been) a Democrat. More about him later.

He made his statements regarding the need to remove President Obama from office via the 25th Amendment on the October 6, 2010 Weekly Report on . . .

Read more on Spin Blast . . .

Image Credit: U.S. Government. Public Domain. Wikimedia Commons. 

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