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Monday, October 25, 2010

Dani's Junk Drawer is BACK!

by Daniella Nicole

It's really interesting how things work out sometimes.

I last posted about Spin Blast (featured blog of The Fritch Show) and being the blogger for it. Once that got going, I had an opportunity to have Spin Blast become part of the CBC News network (which it now is!).

In the course of setting up things with CBC, I discovered what the problem was with posting blogs here (same problem there) and was able to fix it.

So, I can now resume my normal blogging here at Dani's Junk Drawer. Yay!

I will be posting teasers for Spin Blast here, but I will also be posting all the things you have come to love about this blog: jobs, rants, free stuff/deals, news, current events, fun stuff and more.

I have several other blogs and some of those will be getting more regular attention now, too.

Thank you for your continuing support and for your patience. I know it can be really frustrating when you like a blog and the updates stop or are really sporadic. Hopefully, things will be more stable and normal now.

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