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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Rising Star and Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Christopher "The Fritch" of The Fritch Show

by Daniella Nicole

Rising star and host of The Fritch Show, Chris Fritcher offers an independent conservative commentary on the hot topics of the day.

Raised in a devout Democrat family, what caused this hard-hitting conservative talk show host to leave the Democrat fold and to take his common-sense views to the internet and airwaves?

Discover how this “every day Joe Citizen” became a strong voice of reason in America.

Getting to Know The Fritch 

Christopher “The Fritch” Fritcher is, at times, a kind of Superman. One part mild-mannered, humble man and one part fearless fighter for truth. The ads for his show reflect his own self-deprecating humor, and yet, he is outspoken, assertive and bold in his commentary, attacking all the lies and spin put out by the left and right, alike.

Off the air, he is much the same-outspoken in his opinions, thoughts and viewpoints while also being relatable to his audience. This gives him a down-to-earth charm and realism that draws listeners to his show and keeps them coming back for more.

The Fritch’s journey to his growing conservative radio talk show success is a story of embracing the curves life can throw at you. He was . . . 

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Image credit: Used with Permission. The Fritch Show.

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