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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Flowers for Christmas

About a week ago I was given a beautiful arrangement of flowers. I should have taken a photo of them. They are still holding up surprisingly well, though a few of the elements have died off, so it isn't a pretty a bouquet as when I first got it.

There are white carnations, pink and yellow (tiger?)lilies, baby's breath, an evergreen branch(?), some tall grass blades (?), some stems with multiple small white flowers along them, and some deep burgundy flowers with golden yellow centers -similar in appearance to daisies.

I am no florist, so please forgive my lame descriptions.

As I was working on other writing projects, I noticed the arrangement out of the corner of my eye, and I began reflecting upon how this is the first time I have ever been given flowers in the winter. I have received plants before, but never a bouquet of flowers.

I hate that cut flowers die so fast, but I admit there is something very uplifting and joyful about having fresh flowers around the house. In the spring when much of my yard is blooming, I have several weeks of fresh flowers in almost every room in my home.

I love the smell, and I love the sight of it!

So, if you need to take a small cheerful gift to someone, consider a bouquet of flowers. It is quite the pick-me-up, especially in the midst of a snowy winter's day.

When was the last time YOU got flowers, and what was the occasion?

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Anonymous said...

you can try and put the flowers in a mixture of bleach, soda and water, at least that's according to my Federal Way florist.

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