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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Japanese TV: Human Tetris 6

I was so happy to find another installment online of the Japanese show, nicknamed 'Human Tetris'. I think this show is hysterical, and I love how more and more they are including things which help understand the show better, such as the illustrations of how the contestants could get through the cutouts. They are even using English words on some of the wall cutouts.

I wonder if they will add English subtitles? That would be awesome!

So, without any further ado, here is installment #6 of 'Human Tetris':

Video from aaaaaaa4000

Previous Installments:

Human Tetris #5
Human Tetris #4
Human Tetris #1-#3


This is a show I believe is called "Hyper" and features some of the 'Human Tetris' guys making shapes on a pegged wall with their bodies. I really wish there were English subtitles!

video from takaluv

Do YOU have a favorite Japanese show you would like to share?
Email me a link. If I like it I will post it here and give you credit for the lead.

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