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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Joe Namath: 42 Years to a Degree

Photo by Aleksandar Momirovic
This AP report on FOXnews, Football Great Joe Namath Earns College Degree 42 Years Later is an example of one of the types of stories I love to read. At this stage in his life, the 64-year-old retired athlete would certainly not need to finish his degree in order to obtain employment. He, and the others before him, such as 90-year-old grandmothers, who finish or obtain their degree or diploma when they really don't 'have' to, are a true inspiration to me.

Its not as easy in the later years of life to study, learn, and keep up with the demands of schooling and test-taking. To go back and tackle the challenge, out of personal drive rather than need, is a beautiful thing.

For some, the challenge includes family responsibilities, finances, health, and time which limit what they can do or have prevented them from finishing.

There are many grants and scholarships available for many different people and situations. Not all are limited to financial need. One great place to look is Fastweb. After a free registration and profile are completed, the system will regularly email you information on matching contests, grants, and scholarships. Another source to check out is a website: College Scholarships. At the site, you just look for the right category, click on a link or two, and get directed to the information for how to apply for that particular scholarship. There is no need to register with College Scholarships.

If you do not have your degree or diploma, what would it take for you to finish it?

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