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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Laptop Lunches and Bentos

Laptop Lunch System. Photo from Laptop Lunches.Com

A sweetheart of a friend has been mentioning Laptop Lunches in her blog and it got me interested in finding out more. I am just 'getting my feet wet' in this new trend, but I admit it is fascinating to me. I love the organizational and nutritional qualities, as well as the efficient use of food/ingredients.

Once I learn more, I am sure I will post more, but in the meanwhile, first, I will share the best sites I have found so far:

Laptop Lunches Product Website

Lunch in a Box by Biggie
Laptop Lunches Discussions on Flikr

And secondly, I will ask YOU for YOUR laptop lunch and Bento tips, tricks, etc. What got YOU into them, and what do you like best and least about them? Where is the best place to buy all the stuff you need, and what are YOUR best laptop lunch meals and recipes?

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