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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Idaho Spuds a Fire Hazard

Photo by Chance Agrella
An interesting AP report coming out of Idaho, one of two states in the USA famous for potatoes: Idaho Fire Crew's Tater Tots Start Blaze.

I get the impression that Tater Tots Flambe' was not on the menu. *laugh*

As stated in the news item, I am sure firefighters and officials are embarrassed over this incident. But, a positive coming out of it is the reminder of just how easily a fire can start, and how careful we do need to be when cooking, and using the stove and oven.

Home fire safety tips given by the experts include installing, checking, and maintaining smoke detectors; having, checking, and maintaining fire extinguishers; keeping flashlights with fresh batteries handy; and having escape plans mapped out that include a meeting place away from the home.

At our house, we put in fresh smoke detector batteries twice a year: during both time changes. If I remember (which I admit I don't always), I test and clean all of our detectors monthly.

Each year, the extinguishers get checked. A local firefighter has a fire extinguisher refill business which is very affordable to use.

We also went through CERT training which taught us how to properly handle fire extinguishers and most effectively put out various types of fires. PASS is an easy-to-remember acronym for how to use a fire extinguisher. It stands for the simple instructions of: PULL the pin, AIM at the base of the fire, SQUEEZE the lever, and SWEEP from side to side.

Different extinguishers are for different types of fires. Knowing the difference is important when purchasing (and using) a fire extinguisher.

So what things do YOU do at your house in regards to fire safety?


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