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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Have a Holly Jolly Eely Christmas?

This Reuters report is fascinating and a little on the odd side. The man who came up with this idea is definitely creative!

A Japanese inventor has created a way to utilize an electric eel to light up a Christmas tree. Since the eel is a common food in Japan, one has to wonder once Christmas is over if the eel will become New Year's dinner.

All joking aside, while there is potential to find ways to use eel power, it may not prove practical in the long run - and just be more of a 'fun' way to power various things such as Christmas lights.

A short video showing the set up is available with the article at the MSNBC website.

What do YOU think?


Crayzbeautiful3 said...

Nice! Makes me want to order eels direct air mail from Japan just so I can try it myself ... it may not seem humane to light your Christmas tree lights with a poor animal, but it sounds like lots of fun to me.

Dani said...

It is an interesting concept, isn't it?

Thanks for commenting!


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