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Friday, October 5, 2007

Japanese TV: Human Tetris

I have a true love and appreciation for some international media over some American media. There is some Greek music, particularly by Anna Vissi, which I just love; more so than the music of many of her American counterparts.

There are some television shows from other countries which I am just totally crazy about; and find more interesting, entertaining, and creative than much of what is currently on American TV.

I found this show, Human Tetris, on Youtube; and I just can't get enough. Creative, hysterically funny, and very entertaining; this show is good clean fun and spellbinding.

For your enjoyment, three segments of this amazing and rib-tickling show:

Human Tetris from shadowbot09

Human Tetris 2 from humantetris

Human Tetris 3 from humantetris

I can't wait to see new episodes! I have GOT to get my fix!

What are YOUR favorite international shows?

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