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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For the Want of a Leg, a Talk Show Deal Was Lost?

I remember reading this story recently about the man who found a leg in a bbq he bought at a storage facility sale. Police tracked down the owner-in-default of the storage unit, and discovered it was his leg, and he had kept it as a memento.

Now, these two men are in the news again, only this time they are fighting over custody of the dried up amputated leg.

The new 'owner' of the leg is quoted, after finding the leg in the bbq smoker, as saying, "I've been sick on my stomach since I opened it up. You ever seen a dried out piece of fruit? (It looked) sort of like that.” Now he wants to KEEP the leg, and in fact, PROFIT from it by taking it on TALK SHOWS!

Aside from the fact that both men are sick, can this story get any more twisted? Yeah: some freak producer actually having these fools and the leg on their show.

We don't have enough real cases tying up the legal system: let's add this stupidity based in greed and depravity. And goodness knows we don't have quite enough depravity filling up our air waves and drifting off into outer space.

I would really like to smack both of these men upside the head and ask what the heck they are thinking! But for some reason, I am not sure it would do any good.

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