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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Handy Halloween and Harvest Celebration Hints and Helps

Photo by Kerry A. Adamo
With Halloween just around the corner, it seems fitting to do a post about some great, fun, and unique Halloween and Harvest (Non-Halloween) ideas.

Fun, creative, and original recipes and ideas for a fun Halloween Party or Trunk-or-Treat event.

Recipes From Betty Crocker Online

Recipes From Better Homes and Gardens Online

Halloween Entertaining

Party Ideas

Trunk or Treat Ideas

Planning a Trunk or Treat Event

Homemade costume ideas for kids, adults, and pets which are quick, cheap, easy, and creative.

Cheap, Easy, and Quick Homemade Costume Ideas

Indexed Gallery with TONS of Homemade Costume Ideas (photos)

Fun Kids Costumes with Instructions

Fun ideas for clever indoor and outdoor decorating.

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorating with Landscaping and Natural Elements

Decorating Basics

Make Realistic Looking Tombstones

Make Creepy Dummy Props

How to Make ‘Shrunken Heads’

Guides to ‘FOG’

Guides to multiple decorating props and ideas

Spook Alley Special Effects

Safety first! Or, as is commonly quoted, “It’s all fun and games ‘til someone loses an eye”. Let’s be careful out there, folks! (to paraphrase Hill Street Blues)

LA Fire Dept. Safety Tip List

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Safety Tips

American Red Cross Safety Tips

US Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Tips and Warnings

An assortment of other Halloween ideas, helps, and tips.

Free Animated Halloween Ecards: Customizable. Can use pre-recorded message or record your own.

Pumpkin Carving Ideas, Tips, Helps

Free Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns/Stencils

Pumpkin Decorating


History Channel: Origins of Halloween and More

ALTERNATIVES TO HALLOWEEN (for the Anti-Halloween Crowd)
There is much debate amongst many Christians over the propriety of celebrating what began as a Pagan ritual. With so much focus being on things dark and evil in nature, a movement is in progress to find alternatives to traditional Halloween festivities and themes.

Alternatives ideas for Halloween: Celebrate Fall

Five Fun Alternatives for Halloween

Harvest Celebrations Instead of Halloween (Ideas)

European Alternatives

Christian Celebrating Ideas (NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with this site)

Whatever you decide to do or not do, please be safe and have fun!

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