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Friday, October 5, 2007

Target on the Republicans

In the news today is the announcement that Senator Craig has decided to go against his word and NOT step down after pleading guilty to soliciting sex (a crime) in an airport (public) restroom (gross) from a person who turned out to be an undercover police officer.

Did this man learn nothing from George Michael?

This New York Times article has a media player in it which will allow you to hear the tape of Senator Craig as he is being arrested.

There is debate about whether he solicited sex or not. Apparently, there was some 'code' involved which is allegedly part of the gay culture and soliciting sex.

Did the Senator knowingly use code and solicit sex?
Did the Senator accidentally use various things which are sex solicitation code?

I don't know.

What I do know is that this man plead guilty and tried to take it back. A judge said he can't. He said he would step down, and now is taking that back.

He said he used poor judgment in entering a guilty plea.

What is going on with this man? He is showing a great deal of poor judgment, in more than just entering the guilty plea.

I don't pick up paper off public restroom floors. I don't put my feet anywhere near where they would touch the feet of the person in the next stall, and I do not place my hand under the stall divider or anywhere near the stall area of the person next to me unless they have asked me to pass them some toilet paper or I have asked that of them.

Toilet paper passing is not what happened.

So, what was the Senator doing with all his foot and hand stuff? I don't know, but it does seem like odd behavior to me.

Should he be convicted for odd behavior? Should he be 'forced' to step down due to odd behavior? Nope.

But the man pleaded guilty, did not get an attorney before doing so (why on earth not?) and decided to step down.

Now he wants to take back the guilty plea and not step down.

It's like the equivalent of a Republican Roller Coaster Ride and I am getting sick.

This kind of wishy washy bullpuckey is not something we need in the ranks of our leadership. I feel bad for the man. One writer labeled him as sounding 'pathetic' on the tape, and I must agree. He sounds pathetic and sad, and his behavior is pathetic and sad.

I am not usually one who believes politicians should resign over being human. If they are abusing their power, or breaking the law, then I do think they need to step down as there is a massive difference between making a human mistake and misusing their power or committing a crime (which is what breaking the law is).

In courtroom proceedings, people are sworn in. They swear to tell the truth. This man pleaded guilty. No legal counsel advised him to do this: he did it on his own. Perhaps he hoped the whole thing would go away.

The fact remains that in a court of law, he stated on public record he was guilty of soliciting sex in a public bathroom. That is a crime he stated he committed.

By his own mouth and his own 'counsel', he admits to committing a crime. By his own mouth he has said he would step down.

The man needs to step down. Whatever is going on with him, he probably needs some time and help; and this public scrutiny and scandal are not going to help him take care of whatever is going on.

He has been wishy washy, indecisive, and publicly admitted in a court of law he committed a crime. His behavior is weak, inefficient, and unreliable leadership at best.

He needs to go back to his original statement and resign. The public interest needs to come first; and as far as I am concerned, his behavior shows that he is simply not functioning, by any means, in the public's best interest.

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