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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

NudieGate: The Sabotaged Memory Stick

As I was perusing the odd news of the day, I came across this article and laughed out loud.

Lest anyone think I am anti-Democrat because my last post mocked three of them, and now I have stumbled across yet another one to mock; let me assure you, I am an equal-opportunity mocker. I vote my conscious rather than any party lines; and anyone of any party who shows blatant stupidity is fair game for mockery.

Now, let's carefully review this story.

Man supposedly prepares presentation for high school class. Saves it on his own memory stick. Uses memory stick at high school and during the presentation, somehow a nudie picture mysteriously pops up on the screen.


He then claims the memory stick was a gift from someone.

Having used a memory stick before, I can say with some authority that when you save a file, you have to choose where that file goes and that means you get to see there are things on the stick besides what you are working on or saving.

Also, most people, when working on something big they don't want to have to redo will continuously save as they work on their project.

Now, if the man did his own presentation, there is no way he could not have known he was saving it to a memory stick with other files. . .tons of which are nudie pics listed in a directory.

If his assistant did the presentation, while he/she may have felt odd saying anything about using a memory stick with the bossman's nudie pics; knowing this presentation was going into a public place, a high school no less; if they were a really good assistant looking out for their boss, they would have tactfully mentioned the situation to the bossman, so he could then provide a new memory stick for usage.

When I read the article and the legislator's insistence that he doesn't know how the nudie pics got on there and that the memory stick was a gift (because, hey, memory sticks make such great gifts for every gift giving occasion!), I had a flashback to a certain Superbowl and a certain alleged 'wardrobe malfunction'.

*snicker snicker*

Ya know, stupid denials about stupid decisions only serve to make the fool making the claims look more moronic.

Now the tax payers of Ohio get to foot the bill for a police investigation into how those pictures got on the state legislator's memory stick.

Well, at least they are doing something really important and in the best interest of the public with those taxpayer dollars and police resources.


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